So recently, I needed to parallelize a lot of my old code. This initially seemed like a daunting task. Now its not like I’ve never had to write parallel code before, and its not like my task was that hard. My issue primarily came from a staunch unwillingness to look anything up. After all, I could just throw my problem into python, right? While that may be true, the version of myself today would like to tell the version of myself from last week that the C++ solution is not as bad as I thought.


Undiscovered Public Knowledge In the last couple of years, researchers worldwide have begun to develop a powerful new tool. By using data mining techniques, these scientists hope to one day put themselves out of a job. It all began in the 80’s with a man named Don Swanson. He was the first to notice something that he called undiscovered public knowledge. He saw that no human could possibly read all of the available information on a given topic, and he guessed that there were some truths that no one actually knows, but have already been published.


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